Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Note From the Author of "Johnny Driver"

The Misadventures of Johnny Driver is the continuing story of a summer job like no other. About five summers ago, I took a job as a delivery person for a flower shop in the Hamptons, a job that would provide me with many memorable experiences. After working there for two summers, the idea came to me to put these experiences into a story.

The Johnny Driver series is at times funny, other times just plain strange, and occasionally serious, but the misadventures found in the series are always entertaining, and they've gotten great reviews from readers, including Stewart Wellington himself, the owner of Wellington Flowers.

The Misadventures of Johnny Driver were first published in the old Associated Content website, which today goes under the name Yahoo Voices. You can still find the original versions of Johnny Driver at my page here, or you can begin to read the rewritten versions right here on this blog.

I recently decided to revisit the series as with experience I feel I've gotten better at telling the story and I've begun this weekend with rewrites of the first two chapters, or episodes. To me, they're cleaner and easier reading than the originals, and I hope to continue rewriting them until the whole series is complete.

To read the Johnny Driver series on this blog, you must go back to the beginning, starting with the introduction, and work your way backwards for later episodes. It's the only way I can think of for now to publish it.

In all, there are two whole summer seasons worth of misadventures in the Hamptons, and there's still more to share. Keep posted with newer ones as they are published via the Writing Wednesdays segment on John's World, my other blog.

In the meantime, check out the revamped episodes here and here, and keep on the lookout for more to come. Thank you!