Sunday, April 25, 2010

Season 2 Begins - Introducing Misty

It had been a long, long winter for Johnny. Being alone for the first time in his life was difficult, both emotionally and financially. Winter that year seemed especially dreary, and the school year was particularly wearing. Once the weather started to warm up, Johnny started thinking about working in the flower shop again. Though that job had worn him out by the end of last summer, he definitely needed some relatively mindless work to after all of the mental stress that came with being a teacher.

Just before Mother's Day, Johnny got a call from Stewart asking if he'd like to work the Saturday before the busy holiday. Johnny jumped at the chance as he was excited to get back to Southampton. It had been months since he'd seen Stewart, Kona or Jackie and he was looking forward to seeing them again. Like any other group of working people, they'd become another sort of family to him. He hadn't spoken to Kona since last January and he was really looking forward to more good times with her.

Soon enough, the day to start back at the flower shop had arrived and Johnny raced all the way to Southampton, excited to see everybody. He parked the car and went into the flower shop.

"Hey Johnny!" Stewart walked over to greet Johnny and give him a welcoming hug as he entered the back door. "How've ya been? How's school? Are you ready for a crazy day?" Stewart's reaction to seeing Johnny was mutual to his. It already felt good to be back.

They chatted for a few minutes when Johnny heard someone coming up the stairs from the basement. "Kona!" he thought, the excitement welling up inside him at seeing his long lost friend.

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